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Journal of Research in Africa

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Better Late Than Never: The Prospects and Opportunities Provided by ODL (Open Distance Learning) for the Education of Married Muslim Women in Northern Nigeria by Prof. Salisu Shehu

Imperatives Of Sustainable Peace And Reconciliation In Crisis-Ridden Communities: Expounding The Islamic Approach To Peace-Building And Conflict Resolution By Prof Salisu Shehu

Islam And Modernity - Synopsis by Prof Salisu Shehu

The State Of Education In West African Muslim Societies And Its Implications For Peace-Building And Youth Development: The Case Of Nigeria by Prof Salisu Shehu

National Integration, National Security And Conflict Resolution In Nigeria: The Role Of Teacher Education By Prof Salisu Shehu

Muslim Educational Aspirations In The Context Of The Millennium Development Goals (Mdgs) Challenges And Opportunities By Prof Salisu Shehu

Partnerships For Engendering Credible Elections In Nigeria's 2015 General Elections The Islamic Perspective By Prof Salisu Shehu

The Time/Space Factor And The Imperative Of Educational Reform: Redefining The Nigerian Contexts And Challenges Of Teacher Education In An Ever-Changing World By Prof Salisu Shehu

Dr. Haruna Muhammad Salihi – Nagari, Nakowa: Tribute To A Good Muslim By Dr. Salisu Shehu, Phd

Boko Haram: A Critical Study Of The Trends And Issues In Muslim Experience With Secular Educaton In Northern Nigeria By Prof Salisu Shehu

Towards an Islamic Perspective of Developmental Psychology By Prof Salisu Shehu

Islamic Perspective Of Special Education Theoretical And Historical Backgrounds By Prof Salisu Shehu

Muslim Health Workers And The Challenges Of Comtemporary World By Prof Salisu Shehu

The Role Of Muslim Leaders In Combatting Corruption In Nigeria By Prof Salisu Shehu

Values Education Outside The Formal Academic Setting The Experience Of The Bauchi State Societal Reorientation Program (Gyara Kayanka) By Prof Salisu Shehu

SSANU Week Speech by Registrar, Hajiya Fatima Binta Mohammed

The Role of Women in Nation Building by Registrar, Hajiya Fatima Binta Mohammed