Infrastructure and Resources


The Centre is a magnificent one story building. The top floor has a number of offices including that of the Director, Director`s conference room, Deputy-Directors, a waiting room, secretary’s office, four sizeable laboratories, each with a preparation room. On the ground floor, there are three offices similar to that of the Deputy-Directors, five moderately sized offices for Technologists and Technicians, one very large laboratory, a large Conference room with about 100 seat capacity as well as ten toilets for males and females.


  1. Cell/tissue Culture Lab
  2. Molecular Biology Lab
  3. Microbiology/Fermentation Lab
  4. General purpose/Instrumentation Lab
  5. Biochemical Analysis Lab

The equipment required for these laboratories are many and diverse. However, some have been procured, others are being processed, and more would be procured whilst research are ongoing. This is because of the dynamic nature of Biotechnological research.