Research Activities

The Technical Committee of the Centre has coordinated series of meetings with Bayero University-based resource persons as well as international scholars including Professor Umar Kasule from Saudi Arabia and Prof. S. Muyibi from Malaysia in setting the research Agenda of the Centre. In the last one year, the Centre has held two valuable workshops as part of efforts to further broaden participation from diverse internal resource persons and sharpen the focus on research activities of the Centre.

1st Workshop

Title: Interactive workshop on Biotechnology research for local and national needs
Date: 2nd October, 2014

  1. To provide a platform for scientists from different disciplines with background, experience and interest in Biotechnology (to familiarize, interact and work together as a team), cell & tissue culture, genetic modification of plants, breeding biotechnology, genetic Engineering etc.
  2. To identify existing gaps among BUK staff in skills and tools for Biotechnology research.

Arising from the consultancy output, interaction with external and internal resource persons, three (3) thematic areas were identified and agreed to be the major research focal areas of the center;

  1. Agriculture and food: food production, value chain & food security
  2. Medicıne: Emerging diseases, use of natural products in therapeutics, vector treatment and control
  3. Environmental: waste reduction, recycle and product development

Members of each group were asked to develop proposals and submit to the Centre for consideration.

2nd Workshop

Title: Presentation of Research Proposals
Date: 13th November, 2014

  1. The presentation of research proposals by all three research groups to members of the technical committee and other resource persons
  2. To enable members assess, scrutinize and make valuable inputs towards making the proposals better and acceptable.

Proposals are being developed and still ongoing. Example:

  1. Studies on the anticancer and antihypertensive principle(s) of some selected Nigerian plants and the molecular basis of their activities
  2. HIV sub-typing and antiretroviral drug resistance in North-west Region of Nigeria
  3. Defective adipocyte CAP/Cb1 complex as an essential contributing factor for the development and progression of insulin resistance
  4. Development of anaerobic digester for production of biogas and biofertilizer using agricultural wastes

All proposals have been presented for submission to the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND)