About DBS

DangoteBusiness School (DBS) was established in 2014 to promote high-level business management and entrepreneurship knowledge guided by global good practices. Although the DBS is new, the graduate programmes offered by the School existed for over 3 decades. The School was established to consolidate the reputation and relevance of the graduates programmes offered and also diversify into numerous disciplines related to management, entrepreneurship and globalization to better prepare corporate leaders, prospective managers, and society builders to overcome emerging challenges and also utilize global opportunities for the benefit of humanity.


The Centre for African Entrepreneurship Research was established in 2011 to inculcate an entrepreneurial culture capable of driving productivity, generating socio-economic wealth and fostering independence and employability amongst the university students. It seeks to promote entrepreneurship research by fostering collaborative research and knowledge sharing with governments, academic institutions, multilateral agencies and foreign institutions, etc.
The guiding principle of the Centre for African Entrepreneurship Research is to facilitate the development of creative minds, innovative, highly productive and entrepreneurial personalities who are prepared for leadership responsibilities in industry, government and non-profit organizations; and who are developed to establish new enterprises, reinvent organizations, create new jobs and nurture a sustainable enterprise culture.